How can we help you?

One-stop shop – From translation, localisation and multilingual editing to page layout, proofreading/checking and publishing. We can offer you services from and into a large number of languages, including the official languages of the European Union. Today, ATTIMEDIA covers 30 languages, even some double-byte and bi-directional languages. Our services include:

Project management and advice
Project management and advice: Is translation project management a burden? No need to worry, just leave it to us! Thanks to our experience, we can manage any multilingual project from start to finish. When you assign your project to ATTIMEDIA, our project manager becomes your unique point of contact, having been involved from the beginning and with a thorough understanding of the project. We can also provide customers with practical advice and consulting on all levels, going as far as technical and marketing consulting, and budgeting assistance in translation projects.
Electronic glossaries & terminology management
Electronic glossaries & terminology management: Wondering which term to use? Do you have term databases that need updating? We can undertake your terminology management, as well as compile, (re)organise and update any terminology databases, lists or glossaries (monolingual, bilingual, multilingual) in all formats, depending on your needs. ATTIMEDIA is the keyword!
Multilingual content
Multilingual content: Do you have multicultural clientele? Do you need multilingual communication and documentation? Along with our software & website localisation services, ATTIMEDIA can also produce and/or edit multilingual content for your website and/or any other material in up to 30 languages. Your only problem will be which language(s) to choose!
Outsourcing management
Outsourcing management: Another large and demanding project? ATTIMEDIA offers you the possibility to fully outsource your translation or localisation projects and the whole production process of multilingual documentation. We adapt our processes to your internal structure and workflow, always respecting QA procedures and ensuring that all requirements are met. ATTIMEDIA has successfully completed outsourcing projects for European organisations and institutions – why wait? Be next!

We offer a range of other services to customers who come to us with their translation needs. Aiming to be more than just reliable translation partners, we aspire to be considered indispensable members of the team for any project that we work on. Among the value added services that ATTIMEDIA can provide are:

Translation: Are you lost in translation? No need to be; we have 30 years of experience in multilingual translation. You can rest assured that your translated document, in whichever format you prefer, will be meticulously reviewed and checked by ATTIMEDIA, in line with our rigorous quality assurance procedures. Just pick one or more of our 30 working languages.
Revision: Not sure if your documents are absolutely correct? Need to update your website? We can revise your material, whether in printed or digital form, achieving optimum linguistic quality on all levels: terminology, consistency, grammar, syntax, style etc. You can rely on ATTIMEDIA’s state-of-the-art tools, as well as our quality assurance procedures.
Post-editing: Have you opted for machine translation? Now, all you need to do is optimise the result by using our post-editing services to ensure that your text is not only correct and accurate but also flows naturally. Thanks to ATTIMEDIA’s skilled and experienced collaborators, the combination of machine translation and human linguists can work!
Software & Website Localisation
Software & website localisation: Looking to expand your horizons? ATTIMEDIA is here to help translate your website or software and adapt it to as many languages and cultures as you need, from a wide choice of up to 30 languages, covering more than 85% of world countries. Thanks to our expertise in localisation, you can make your company and products known across the globe!
Transcription: Do you want a written record of your audio recordings, seminars, presentations and conferences? We can handle files in any format and can deliver the transcriptions as digital files or hardcopy documents. For your events, ATTIMEDIA can also offer a comprehensive services package including preparation and/or translation of minutes, agendas, flyers and other material.
DTP & Text Formatting
DTP & text formatting: Are you concerned about the typographic quality of your printed material? Is text and page layout a problem for you? ATTIMEDIA has the solution; thanks to our software applications, tools and skilled experts, we can offer you the desired results and meet your print and/or digital publishing needs. Trust us!