Our production is organised in separate steps to facilitate rigorous quality control during every phase of production.


 At the end of each phase, the work must conform completely to our high standards, in order to deserve our seal of approval: the ATTIMEDIA guarantee for quality documents..

Our four basic principles: 

• Translators and revisers work only into their mother tongue. 
• Tasks are assigned to translators and revisers specialised in the subject matter. Recourse to experts in the subject other than translators is available in the case of particularly complex and difficult texts or for specific terminology requirements.
• Each text is translated, revised and reviewed to ensure language flow and subjected to a format and layout check. Quality control procedures are carried out in accordance with the specifications for each project and ensure that the final product conforms to the strictest quality demands.
• Strict adherence to established common workflow procedures at all stages of production, and to the quality control procedures and deadlines set for each project.


Consistency:  Our translation and revision methodology ensures consistent terminology and style for your documents.

From the start, we work with you to understand your requirements, help you achieve your goals within your deadlines, and make sure that all translations entrusted to us are consistent with your existing documentation. This includes creating and updating a special glossary for your project based on your preferred terms, brand message and identity, as well as previously translated documents. If required, the project manager tasked with your project can also offer suggestions on how to improve consistency using ATTIMEDIA’s resources and expertise.

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Team: Scientific background and expertise, as well as thorough knowledge of the various subject matters and specific sub-domains, are key criteria for the selection of our collaborators.

The collaborators we select to work on your project:

•  Are specialists in your field and subject, with references checked by ATTIMEDIA
•  Have considerable professional experience, and have successfully passed our multi-stage testing process
•  Have relevant studies and university degrees.